Patients Reviews

This was my first time seeking therapy and it has to be the best decision I ever made. Zahra, made me feel at ease. She is considerate and did her best to meet my needs. I sincerely appreciate her time and guidance.

Kimberly F. | Dec 09, 2022
I found Soni when I was in a very difficult and unstable position in my mental health. My current therapist was retiring and I was in the midst of a pretty severe mental health episode. I was searching for somebody who had experience with complex trauma and who could support me through my recent diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder. I had to wait a month before I could receive the proper medication that I needed to stabilize and Soni was a critical source of support as I was suffering and hanging on. I love that she uses a research/evidence-based intervention that is teaching me specific skills and techniques for my relationship with myself and others. While we do address specific incidents and events in my life, we also are working on general skills that I need to learn that will support me across multiple areas of my life. I also really love her perspective that she is not trying to be my therapist forever, she wants me to learn to be my own therapist so that I can function in my life and relationships successfully and independently. I’ve been sending Soni and her practice’s info to everyone who is interested- friends, family, my hair dresser lol highly recommend!

Jamie M. | Sep 26, 2022
Very insightful, she was patient with me and I’m looking forward to working with her more as time goes on.

Morgan B. | Jul 13, 2022
Very helpful, insightful and informative about knowing myself and what I was going through.

LUIS M. | Jul 11, 2022
Samina is great! I look forward to our chats, as I always feel calm afterwards.

Jenna F. | Jul 01, 2022