About Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Alamitos, CA

Sonal Dani-Cox

About Dr. Dani-Cox

Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT, of Empowered Mind-Body Therapy in Los Alamitos, California, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who’s been helping people with their mental health problems for over 17 years. Soni’s approach to therapy uses evidence from neuroscience, including polyvagal theory (the influence of the vagus nerve).

Neuroscience-informed therapy links complex research into brain function with therapies for depression, anxiety, and trauma. Polyvagal theory emphasizes how important a patient’s physiological state is to their behavioral problems and mental health disorders.

Soni uses evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety and depression, mindfulness-based therapy to help people who are having problems but aren’t mentally ill, and cognitive processing therapy for trauma. She also offers nutrition education and basic physical wellness assessments as part of a integrative psychiatry approach to treating mental health issues.

Soni uses emotionally focused therapy in her work with couples. This method provides a roadmap that brings couples closer, deepens their bond, and delivers a rewarding emotional experience with long-lasting, positive outcomes.

Soni uses her previous experience and evidence-based science to offer the best possible outcomes for patients. She has undergone extensive training in CBT, cognitive processing therapy, recovery CBT for psychosis, and emotionally focused therapy. Soni also has qualifications in neuroscience-informed therapy, polyvagal theory-informed therapy, and lifestyle nutrition.

Soni welcomes new patients to Empowered Mind-Body Therapy, where they can benefit from her considerable expertise to achieve better mental health.