10 Topics You Could Address In Couples Therapy

Nov 10, 2022
 10 Topics You Could Address In Couples Therapy
The idea of couples therapy can seem scary or uncomfortable, especially if you’re not sure what to talk about when you get there. We offer 10 suggestions for topics here.

Research shows that the average couple waits six years to seek help for relationship struggles. Not soon enough, experts say; they suggest that couples should seek therapy before issues are able to create strife between partners.

Our team at Empowered Mind-Body Therapy offers emotion-focused couples therapy to help couples realize maximum success in their relationships. We want you to know there are many topics you can cover in therapy, and we offer 10 suggestions for what you can talk about if you need a place to start.

Understanding couples therapy

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner work through difficulties in your relationship. It can also be a helpful tool to prepare you for taking any big steps in your relationship, such as moving in together or getting married. Your provider can offer you invaluable advice to help your relationship thrive.

What can you cover in couples therapy?

Many topics you can discuss in couples therapy might explore the root of your relationship struggles, even if you don’t realize it. It’s good to have open communication with your partner and provider during therapy sessions to help work through any issues properly and thoroughly.

Even if you’re going to couples therapy as a preventive measure, these topics are still helpful to keep you and your partner on the same page in your relationship. 

Relationship roles

It’s good to have clear expectations about the roles you and your partner will have in your specific relationship. This is also a good time to identify any unhealthy dynamics that are already present.

Beliefs and values

It’s important for couples to be on the same page when it comes to beliefs, values, and faith and how they fit into your relationship. Couples therapy is a great place to discuss how you and your partner view these things as you share your life together.


Finances are a common point of strife in relationships. Couples therapy is a good time to be open about income and expectations for spending and saving habits.

Time spent together

Spending time together is vital for any relationship. It’s good to discover what’s been getting in the way of sharing time and experiences together and how you can make sure to carve out space for it.


Open communication about parenting styles and expectations is crucial for a harmonious relationship and home life. Your provider can help you and your partner reach a similar viewpoint on what your parenting should look like as you raise children together.

Familial relationships

Therapy sessions can help you work through other conflicts you both may be having with other family members. It may also be helpful to discuss expectations about what your relationships and time spent with extended family should look like.

Sex and intimacy

Whether it’s infidelity or lack of communication when it comes to sex and intimacy, your provider can help you work through conflict in this area in your relationship.

Health issues

Physical or mental health issues can strain any relationship. Couples therapy can help you work through any stress they’re causing the two of you.

Frequent arguing

If you feel like the arguing never stops, couples therapy can be a great way to get tools for better communication to strengthen your relationship.

External stressors

If something outside your relationship, such as work, is a source of stress on your relationship, your provider can help you with coping strategies to lessen the strife between you and your partner.

Although these are common topics covered in couples therapy, your therapy sessions can be catered to your specific relationship. 

Next steps

No matter what stage your relationship is in, couples therapy can always help to strengthen it.

If you and your partner are ready to learn more about couples therapy, call our team at Empowered Mind-Body Therapy  in Los Alamitos, California, at 562-600-2831 or use our online scheduler to request an appointment today.