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Empowered Mind-Body Therapy

Therapy For Individuals And Couples In Los Alamitos, CA.

Welcome To Our Practice

Empowered Mind-Body Therapy in Los Alamitos, California, helps people struggling with a comprehensive range of mental health disorders, from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The practice’s experienced therapists, Soni Dani-Cox, LMFT, and her clinical team engage in heart-centered work grounded in innovative science and offer a collaborative team approach to mental health care.

Empowered Mind-Body Therapy Inc provides exceptional services for individuals, couples, and families. Soni and her team are committed to their roles as diverse, dedicated, community-oriented clinicians who treat their clients with respect and compassion. They aim to improve the well-being of their community members using heart-based, mind-body approaches and holistic principles.

Our therapists have diverse lives, backgrounds, and styles, but they are all kind, committed, and inspirational. They specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), emotion-focused therapy, and trauma therapy for individuals and couples. They can also help people facing challenges like grief, divorce, or job loss. Patients can access these services via a secure, convenient telehealth facility.

To find out more about the exceptional services Empowered Mind-Body Therapy Inc provides, call the office today or book an in-person or telehealth appointment online.  

Our Services

We engage in heart-centered work grounded in cutting edge science
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Our Mission Empowered Mind-Body Therapy serves individuals, couples and families. We are committed to being diverse, community oriented and dedicated clinicians that are respected and well taken care of, in the workspace. We are fulfilling our purpose to raising the wellbeing of our community members, using heart-based, mind-body approaches to therapy.